Andreas Zimmer

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Hey, welcome! I’m Andreas Zimmer, german sync licensing producer for rock and hybrid tracks.

If you’re in the need of high quality music exclusively to license, this is the right place for you.

Here is a small selection of tracks which are available for exclusive licensing.


Instrumental tracks


Monster Machine


Don’t Let Them Catch You


Arena Heroes


The Devil’s Child


Pure Exhaust



Vocal tracks


She’s Got the Fire


Nobody Can Stop Me


Rise Up (Here We Go!)


Outta My Mind (Let’s Ride!)


The Gang Is Back

the creator

Long story short about me:

Born and raised in south-western Germany, I learned to play classical piano when I was young.


Many years later I taught myself playing guitar, bass and drums and began to play gigs in several bands mostly as a singer.


At the time I discovered sync licensing I immediately knew that it is my ultimate goal to be a source for high quality production music in the industry.


Now I’m here: ready to serve you.
Andreas Zimmer





+49 160 995 167 66


+49 160 995 167 66

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