The Story Of Not Being Afraid to Die Anymore

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This album has the clear goal of educating people in Brazil, especially children, to learn English in the most natural accessible way. Enjoying music they love.

Every piece of art, every song is a story. Which can be a lesson by making the audience curious,what‘s behind the lyrics of the language they don‘t understand and fulfill the understanding of the whole story.

Who / what / where is Aracati?

Aracati (spoken: aɾakaˈtʃi) is the name of a favela in the southern areas of São Paulo, Brazil‘s huge city with about 20 million inhabitants in the metropolean area.

Why did I start this project?

When I visited my friend David in 2020, I only knew a few things about Brazil. I did this adventure only with my guitar and a small backpack and went almost blind to this other world.

David worked in a children‘s project in Aracati called ARCO. We visited this place and I gave a little concert to the kids. All in all very spontaneously. At the end, the head of ARCO said to me that it was extremely important to sing English for and with the kids. English is not a commonly spoken language and especially for children in the favelas it‘s an important thing for them to learn English for receiving chances in their future. To build a life out of poverty.

That moment I realized I could make a impactful change among these kids for their whole life. That was the first spark which carried the idea to this day where I enlighted the fire and now I‘m ready to give you the first piece. Because this is just the beginning of Aracati.